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About Laundry Didi

Laundry Didi is a “Live Laundry and dry cleaning Studio” based in Dwarka, New Delhi. It is a unique concept as instead of sending the clothes to factory for dry cleaning and washing, we have brought the live factory at your doorstep.

Some of the key features include-

  • 1) Premium quality detergents to take care of your clothes.
  • 2) Latest state of the art machinery for all your Laundry and dry cleaning needs.
  • 3) Free Pick and up drop facility to save your time.

  • Our offerings include:

    Laundry Outsourcing Services:

    Laundry at home has always been a hassle and a never-ending process, not just the cleaning part but also the costing involved:

    ParticularsCosting per Month
    Electricity Consumption 18000 Watts500
    Water usage 1000 Litres/Month200
    Detergent 2 Kg300
    Ironing Cost2,000
    Maid cost1,500

    & the most important i.e.

    • • Time spent of 40 hours per month

    Approx Rs. 4,500 + Minimum 40 hours of precious time a family pays for the laundry per month.

    Are you one of them? Shocking Emoji

    You must be thinking, do I have an option?

    Well! Yes, you do have an option.

    This is second new concept which we are introducing in Dwarka. This offering will help the customers in tackling three problems related to Laundry:

    • a. Time: As discussed earlier average family spends about 1.5 hours per day doing laundry which comes to 40 hours per month. How we would like to spend this additional time at our disposal every month. We offer pick and drop service from the comfort of your home.
    • b. Quality: We are using latest most advanced machines to have better washing quality as compared to household washing. Our LG Stackers are energy STAR certified, meeting industry standards of energy efficiency which help save cost, environment, and give the best washing performance.
      Some of the key features are:
      • Atomizing & Twin spray Sprays Freshwater and circulates soapy water, increasing wash performance and water visibility.
      • Tub Clean &Waveforce Tub cleaning program helps to keep a clean tub even in the busiest locations.
      • Multi Heat Treatment Ensures Superior performance & protects against gradual wear and tear
    • c. Cost: As we have seen above Rs 4,500 per month is spent on laundry on approximately 50kgs worth of cloth which comes out to Rs 90 per kg. We will offer our laundry outsourcing services at exactly the same cost of Rs 90 per kg.
      • Further we have a bonus, if you purchase our monthly/quarterly or yearly plans you can avail 30% benefit in the prices. We have created customised packages to meet the needs of the customers with Prices as low as Rs 2,000 per family per month.
      • Members are also eligible for a 20% flat discount on dry cleaning.
      • Inaugural Offer!
      Our Innaugural offer for the subscription plans provides an approx 40% discount on the per kg cost.
      You can select plans as per your need like monthly, quarterly, and yearly, or according to family size.

    Live Dry Cleaning services: As the name suggests we offer Live Dry Cleaning service at the outlet.

    Woolmark Approved Lagoon Wet Cleaning:

    Laundry Didi Offerings

    We introduce the latest Lagoon technology Machine. Some of its key features include:

    1. The Lagoon process uses water solvent combined with biodegradable products unlike traditional Dry cleaning which uses strong chemical and the same is harmful to your health and environment as a whole. Professional wet cleaning is water-based and poses no such risks. It uses computer-controlled washers and dryers, along with biodegradable detergents and specialised finishing equipment, to process delicate garments that would otherwise be dry cleaned.

    2. Unlike traditional dry-cleaning, water eliminates dry stains and undesirable smells. A simple pre-wash stain remover gives excellent results on greasy stains.

    3. Lagoon is suitable for use on all types of fibers, even the most delicate

    4. It also allows clothing that has flocking, transfers, or buttons.